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Publishing Web Pages to MyWebSpace using FTP for Macintosh Users

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is a way for files to be sent to and from servers. Macintosh users must use FTP in order to publish their web pages to the MyWebSpace web server. Quinnipiac University has made available the full version of the popular Mac FTP software, Fetch, to the Quinnipiac Mac community.

FTP Software

If you have FTP software already installed, you may configure it using these settings:

  • Server: mywebspace.quinnipiac.edu
  • Login: in the form of quinnipiac\yourQUlogin (where yourQUlogin is your Quinnipiac network login name). For example, if your login is XYSmith, your login would be, quinnipiac\XYSmith
  • Password: your Quinnipiac network password
  • Path or Host Directory: leave blank

Installing and Setting up Fetch

Quinnipiac has made available to the Quinnipiac Macintosh community the full version of Fetch. This is an educational license made available from Fetch Softworks. Please see the following instructions for installing Fetch. You must be connected to the campus network to perform this installation.

Accessing the Fetch Installer

  1. Under the GO Menu, select Connect to Server
  2. Type the following term: qumac
  3. Select Connect
  4. Select Connect to the file server QUMAC as Guest
  5. Select Student SW Volume to mount
  6. Open Student Software Volume and select software
  7. Select Fetch V5
  8. Drag to Desktop and run Fetch Installer
  9. License info is in the FetchV5 folder

Installing Fetch

  1. Open the Fetch Folder
  2. Double click the Fetch License Info file to open it. The serial number listed in this file is required in step 7.
  3. Double click the Fetch 4.0 Edu Installer icon to begin the installation
  4. Click Install
  5. When finished, the Fetch window will be open.
  6. Double click the Fetch 4.0 Edu icon
  7. In the Name field, type: Quinnipiac University. In the serial number field, copy (Apple key-C) and paste (Apple key-v) the serial number from the Fetch License Info file (step 2) into the Serial number field.
  8. Click OK.
  9. A window will open asking for Host, User ID, and Password. Enter the following:

    Host: mywebspace.quinnipiac.edu
    User ID: your Quinnipiac network login. (For example, if you are XYSmith, type in quinnipiac\XYSmith)
    Password: your Quinnipiac network password

  10. Click OK and you will be automatically connected to the folder for your Web site on MyWebSpace. Files placed on the site are immediately available for viewing.

Adding a Fetch Shortcut

  1. You may add your MyWebSpace folder to the list of Fetch shortcuts. Click the Customize menu, then click New Shortcut... and put in the required information from step 9 above. Enter a Name for the shortcut (e.g., MyWebSpace), Host, User ID, and your Password. All other settings remain the same.
  2. Click OK.
  3. Double click the shortcut you just created to access your MyWebSpace folder.

Questions? Problems? Please contact the Computer Help Desk