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Using FrontPage 2000 to Publish your Web Pages to MyWebSpace Web Server
for PC Users

Getting web pages to your web site is easy! Please following the steps below. You may want to print this page before starting. PC users should already have Frontpage 2000 installed on their laptops. If you do not, please contact the Computer Help Desk.

For more information on creating Web sites with FrontPage, please click this link: http://www.microsoft.com/frontpage/using/

1. Prerequisites

  • You must have Microsoft FrontPage installed. See contact the Computer Help Desk for more information
  • You must know your Quinnipiac network login name and password.
  • Your default loading page (the pages people see when they first hit your web site) must be named one of the following:

    • default.htm
    • default.asp
    • index.htm

    All other pages in your Web need to use either the .htm or .asp file extension (e.g., mywebfile.htm)

2. Connecting to your Web Site

You must first establish a connection to your Web site. Please click the link below based on which Windows Operating system you are using.

3. Publishing your Web site

When you create your web pages, you can either drag and drop them into your Web folder, or, while in FrontPage, you can save them directly to your Web folder.


Windows 98 Users

  1. Double click My Computer
  2. Double click Web Folders
  3. Double click Add Web Folder
  4. In the "Type the location to Add" field, type the following location and click OK.

    http://mywebspace.quinnipiac.edu/yourQUlogin (where yourQUlogin is your Quinnipiac network login)

  5. If you are currently logged onto the network (have entered your QU login and password when you started up your computer), perform step A. If you are not logged onto the network, perform step B.
  6. A. You'll be prompted with "Enter a name for this Web Folder:" This will become the name of your new Web folder. Enter a name (i.e., MyWebSpace) and click Finish.

    B. You'll be prompted for a User name and password. Enter your user name as follows:

    1. quinnipiac\yourQUlogin (where yourQUlogin is your Quinnipiac Network Login)

      For example, if your Quinnipiac network login is XYSmith, you'll type in: quinnipiac\XYSmith

    2. Click OK
    3. Click Finish


  7. Double click on My Computer, double click on Web Folders. You will now have a Web folder that connects to your Web file space on MyWebSpace. You may now drag and drop files onto this Web folder, or you can open your Web folder from Frontpage 2000 (see instructions below for "Publishing your Web pages to MyWebSpace Web Server).

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Windows 2000 Users:

  1. Double click on the "My Network Places" icon on your desktop
  2. Double click  the "Add Network Place" icon.
  3. In the "Welcome to Add Network Place Wizard" window, type the following in the "Type the location of the network location place" field:
  4. http://mywebspace.quinnipiac.edu/yourQUlogin (where yourQUlogin is your Quinnnipiac network login)

    For example, if your QU network login is XYSmith, type:


  5. Click Next
  6. You may use the default name as displayed in the field, or you may enter a different name. This is the name that will display in the My Network Place folder.
  7. Click Finish
  8. A window will open and display the contents of your web folder. You may also double click on My Network Places icon and find the folder you just created. You can drag and drop your files to this folder. Those files are then accessible via a browser from the site.

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Publishing your Web pages to MyWebSpace Web server

Publishing your Web pages may be accomplished using either of the following procedures:

  1. Drag and drop your web page files to your web folder
    1. Navigate to the web pages you have created on your computer
    2. Window 2000 Users: Double click My Network Places icon.
      Windows 98 Users: Double click My Computer, double click Web Folders
    3. Drag and drop your files to your MyWebSpace Web folder. The files will now be viewable from the Web.
  2. Use Microsoft FrontPage 2000
    1. Start Microsoft FrontPage 2000
    2. Click on the File menu, and click "Open Web"
    3. In the "Open Web" dialog box, click on "My Network Places"
    4. Click on your Web, and then click Open
    5. You may now create pages in FrontPage and they will be saved directly to your Web site after clicking Save.

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Questions? Problems? Please contact the Computer Help Desk