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Publishing Web Pages to MyWebSpace using FTP for PC Users

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is a way for files to be sent to and from servers. PC users may use FTP or FrontPage to publish their web pages to the MyWebSpace web server.

The following information is needed to configure an FTP client for putting your Web files on the MyWebSpace Web server. PC users may use Dreamweaver, CuteFTP, WSFTP, or any other FTP client software.

Configure your FTP software for the following settings:

  • Server: mywebspace.quinnipiac.edu
  • Login: in the form of quinnipiac\yourQUlogin (where yourQUlogin is your Quinnipiac network login name). For example, if your login is XYSmith, your login would be, quinnipiac\XYSmith
  • Password: your Quinnipiac network password
  • Path or Host Directory: leave blank



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