BIO 101 (UC) General Biology I

(3 cr.) This course considers the basic concepts of life science with emphasis on the methods of science and the role of science in soci- ety, the chemistry of life, and molecular and cellular evo- lution. Selected topics include cellular biochemistry, the central dogma of biology, regulation of gene expression, cell structure and function, respiration and photosynthe- sis, and cell cycles. Primarily for students in bachelor’s degree health science programs. First semester of a full- year course; must be taken in sequence.

Every Year, Fall and Summer

Course Catalog: Bio 101

BIO 515 - Advanced Biochemistry

(4 cr.) This course offers advanced insights into major areas of biochemistry, including the structure and function of biological molecules, cell and membrane structure and function, bioenergetics and enzyme function, and cellular metabolism. This is a suitable prerequisite for many graduate courses.

Every Year, Fall

Course Catalog: Bio 515

BIO 605 - DNA Methods Laboratory

(4 cr.) Hands-on experience with the basic techniques of a modern Molecular Biology Lab, including PCR, primer design, Gel Electrophoresis, cloning, Deep sequencing, RNA-sequencing technologies and qRT-PCR. Groups will study and test expression of individually chosen genes from model systems: Drosophila, C. elegans and human cancer cell lines.

Every Year, Spring

Course Catalog: Bio 605

BIO 606 - Protein Methods Laboratory

(4 cr.) These laboratories enable students to develop hands-on experience with the basic techniques in cell biology and molecular biology pertaining to protein purification and analysis.

Every Year, Fall

Course Catalog: Bio 606

BIO 688 - Independent Study - MicroRNAs

(2 cr.) Graduate-level course that prepares student for Thesis I towards completion of their research thesis on MicroRNAs. Literature review, development of experimental protocols, experimental write up of thesis proposal and completion of preliminary experiments.

Every Year, Summer

Course Catalog: Bio 688