Visual Literacy Resources & Toolkit


Generation Z learners are dependent upon technology, with expectations of these tools in their learning (Black, 2010). The way in which this generation learns has been characterized by greater fluency in media use, more collective sharing and learning, and cooperative design of learning experiences. There is a preference for traditional classroom activities such as lecture and face-to-face teaching to be supplemented with material and activities that are available online (Black, 2010). Below are some tools that can help fulfill this preference. Please feel free to contribute any additional tools you can.

Five Card Flickr

In this exercise, students are "dealt" five random images from Flickr. They must analyze the content of the images, brainstorm a potential connection between the images, and write a storyline that ties all five images together. Take a look at the example video.

Lorem Pixel

Lorem Ipsum is the name for placeholder text widely used in the field of graphic design. Lorem Pixel is a fun and useful website that generates placeholder images. The site allows you to select a size, color, even genre of a possible image. Click a button and the site generates an image, either randomly or particular to your search terms. This would be a great way to kick off a writing prompt.

BigHugeLabs Magazine Cover Generator

Simple and easy to use, this online tool allows users to upload any image they want, and turn it into a magazine cover. Users can customize everything from the colors, title, headlines, and more. This could be incorporated into a variety of assignments.

Adobe Character Animator

While this software may have a bit of a learning curve, it has tremendous potential in the classroom. This software encourages creativity, problem solving, teamwork, and
has the potential to greatly enhance a student's visual literacy skills. It also eliminates "camera shyness" as a virtual avatar is used to represent the user. is ideal for educators and students who need to convey a thought, lesson plan, or concept in an easy-to-follow visual form. has made it possible for anyone to design their own custom infographic in minutes, without the need for expensive programs or a background in graphic design. The best part? It’s free.


With access to over 500 professionally-designed templates to choose from, Piktochart allows users to customize their own infographics, posters, reports, and presentations. All graphics are easily presentable online as well as downloadable.


Phrasr is a tool that allows you to illustrate a sentence of your choice with images taken from Flickr. It is useful for working on word and image associations because you are given options and you have to select an image for each word in the sentence.


From the makers of Phasr, Bubblr allows you to create a sliding stream of pictures to which you can add captions in the form of speech bubbles.. A great resource for making a storyboard or comic strip-style story.