A class focusing on game production, working in teams, and prototyping


Students in GDD 211 will continue working on 210 goals:

  • How to make games using Unity and C#;
  • About the process of making games: iterative design, playtesting, and analysis
  • How to present game ideas clearly, critically evaluate games, and give clear feedback;
  • How to work in small teams.
Additionally we will focus on:
  • Effective brainstorming for game ideas
  • Focused game development to achieve specific goals
  • Seeking and implementing feedback to improve work
  • Practicing using Git for individual and team projects

Prof: Elena Bertozzi

CAS 322, 203-582-7998, elena.bertozzi@qu.edu

Peer Catalyst: Leo Melendez


Class meets:

Tues/Thurs, Tator Hall 129 2:00-3:15

Leo's Office Hours Mon and Wed: 7-8pm

Help Channel on Discord.

Link to driver for GDD printer



In the beginning of the semester we will focus on ideation and improving your game development skills in Unity. During the first few weeks, class will consist of exercises building simple games from scratch. These will be completed individually and allow you to demonstrate how you can modify the base assignment in interesting ways. After these foundations are established, the class will become a more traditional design lab, where most of class time will be dedicated to working on two larger game assignments. These larger projects will consist of presentations, playtesting, critique and in-class labs. Quizzes will ensure that you are keeping up and reinforce skills you will need in later labs.