GDD 311: Game Lab 4 – Game Production, Polish, & Publication

Spring 2020
Tuesday/Thursday 12:30-1:45 pm
Tator 129 - Game Lab

Professor Elena Bertozzi

office CAS 1 322 ♠ email: ♣ phone: 203.582.7998 ♥ OH: M-W 8 -9 am and by appointment ♦

Course Description

This section of Game Lab focuses on producing a finished polished game for an external client or taking a game that has already been started in previous classes and publishing it for an intended market (i.e. Steam). The class will cover issues relating to game team management, professionalism, how to work with clients, how to manage game data, and legal concerns.

Course Objectives

Students will learn and practice: Syllabus
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