Vampire Hobo Prototype (Download)

You play as an unfortunate vampire who's stuck on top of a moving train during nighttime. Your goal is to sneak past conductors and to the safety of your coffin in the storage compartment before sunrise!

Platform: PC


  • Ideally a KORG nanoKEY2 MIDI Keyboard, but any MIDI keyboard should technically work.
  • Controls:

  • Press any amount of the lower row of keys to move to the average horizontal position of all keys pressed.
  • Press any amount of the upper row of keys to darken rooms by spending magic.
  • Press and hold Pitch+ or Pitch- along with any movement key to climb up and down hatches respectively. Hatches are represented by the color pink.


  • Get to your coffin from inside the train!
  • Avoid the red guy (conductor), for he will stake you at all costs!
  • You can avoid confrontation with the conductor by being in a compartment while it's dark. If you're being chased, however, escape to the roof, or else he will find you regardless!