1. On The Way Home (N. Young) Time 2:25
2. It's So Hard To Wait (R. Furay/N. Young) Time 2:03
3. Pretty Girl Why (S. Stills) Time 2:24
4. Four Days Gone (S. Stills) Time 2:53
5. Carefree Country Day (J. Messina) Time 2:35
6. Special Care (S. Stills) Time 3:30
7. The Hour Of Not Quite Rain (R. Furay/M. Callen) Time 3:45
8. Questions (S. Stills) Time 2:52
9. I Am A Child (N. Young) Time 2:15
10. Merry-Go-Round (R. Furay) Time 2:02
11. Uno Mundo (S. Stills) Time 2:00
12. Kind Woman (R. Furay) Time 4:10


The last Buffalo Springfield album would apropritly be titled Last Time Around. The tracks on this album were recorded between February 1967 and May 1968 from studios in New York and Hollywood. By this time the band had completely abandon Greene and Stone as producers and relied on them selves to produce the album. The cover photo has Neil looking off in a different direction than the rest of the band. That's because he did'nt show up for the cover shoot and had to be added to the picture later. Also Jim Messina is pictured on the cover instead of Bruce Palmer. However in the photo above, behind the album the line up featuring bassist Doug Hastings is seen. Messina had been working in the booth on Springfield Again and was asked to co-produce Last Time Round and later replace Palmer in the studio and on the road. Jim played bass with the springfield up untill their final concert in 68. Palmer was around the least out of the group for this album. He was deported again on drug charges but snuck back into the country. Because of his extended absence Jim Messina, Richard Davis, Jim Fielder, and Gary Marker are all credited on the album for bass. Bruce Palmer was once considered by his fellow band members to be the most advanced musician in the group but became very unreliable and his talent was wasted due to drug problems. Palmer's story is strikingly simmilar to that of Greg Reeves, another great bass player who would replace Plamer in Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young after being let go due to the same problems that were had with Palmer. The opening track on this album is On The Way Home a Young composition sung by Furray. OTWH would remain in Young's solo and CSNY repetoire for years and is given an entrely different treatment live with only acoustic guitar and often acomanied by beautiful Crosby/Nash harmony. Most of this album was recorded solo by Stills, Young, etc. then submitted to Messina and Furay who mostly put the album together. During the making of this album Furay was working with all the future members of Poco. The Poco/Springfield colaboration can most notably heard on Kind Woman a great soft country track that was probably Furays finest moment as a Buffalo. I think of Furay like George Harrison in a way because he never got enough credit and he reached his peak right as the band broke up.