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The Department of Psychology offers two undergraduate degrees: a bachelor of arts in Psychology and a bachelor of science in Behavioral Neuroscience

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

Students seeking a BA in Psychology must take a set of courses that emphasize scientific reasoning and critical thinking. Psychology majors are expected to learn to express their thoughts clearly both when speaking and writing.

After taking PS 101 - Introduction to Psychology, all psychology majors take the following in sequence: Introduction to Statistics in Psychology (PS206); Methods in Psychology I - Experimental Methods (PS 37); Methods in Psychology II - Non-Experimental Methods (PS 308). Before moving on to PS 307, all majors must have a Psychology GPA that is above 2.0.  Psychology seniors take History and Systems in Psychology (PS 309) and complete a thesis in the capstone course, Senior Seminar (PS 409); PS 409 must be taken as a seminar during the regular academic year. In addition to the Methods Sequence, psychology majors complete a breadth requirement and an elective requirement.

Psychology Brochure

For more information about these requirements refer to: PSYCH REQUIREMENTS

Psychology majors also have the opportunity to engage in supervised fieldwork and intensive study within one of two CONCENTRATIONS

Bachelor of Science in Behavioral Neuroscience

The BS in behavioral neuroscience places major emphasis on understanding the biological bases of behavior. Behavioral neuroscientists are interested in studying the interplay of the brain and biology. The curriculum has been designed to meet the needs of students interested in the biological and behavioral sciences and prepare them for graduate study and professional work in fields such as neuroanatomy, neurophysiology, behavior genetics, ethnology and psychopharmacology. The program is especially appropriate for students planning graduate study and careers in medicine, dentistry, nutrition, law, research or related sciences. The behavioral neuroscience major is an excellent preparation for admission into health professional schools.

Behavioral Neuroscience Brochure

For more information about the requirements refer to: BEH.NEURO REQUIREMENTS

Useful People :

Carrie Bulger, Department Chair

Joan Bombace, Director of Behavioral Neuroscience

Angela Walker, Advising Coordinator

Anne Eisbach, Freshman Advisor

William Jellison, Psychology Adjunct & UCC Coordinator

Betsy Delaney, Administrative Assistant