Creativity & Computation

Exploring the foundations of code from a creative perspective using p5.js.

(Tarbell, 2003)



Professor: Jonah Warren

  • jonah.warren AT quinnipiac DOT edu

Student Helpers


Students in GDD140 will:

  • Learn the foundations of programming from a creative perspective
  • Produce creative work using software as a medium of expression
  • Become familiar with p5.js and javascript


Making games, interactive experiences, and software is a creative, artistic endeavor. As is the case with any artform, as an artist, it is essential to be comfortable with the medium your working in. In this field, that medium is code. This class is about helping students become comfortable with the basics of programming, approaching it in an experimental, playful manner. As new programming concepts are introduced, students will also be exposed to interactive artworks that make use of them. This class will enable students to realize their interactive creative visions, as well as stimulate new ones by naturally encouraging curiousity and experimentation.


Class time will be a combination of lecture and lab. Each week, students will be introduced to a new programming concept and given an assignment set consisting of small exercises and a project. After a short lecture explaining the basics of the concept with concrete examples, students will have lab time to work on the assignment set. Exercises will be small prompts asking students to complete certain tasks with code. Collaborating on exercises and completing them with classmates is strongly encouraged, but should be documented. Projects are generally larger and more creative, which should be completed individually. At the end of the semester, students will create a final creative work and present it to the class.