Game Design II

A hands-on class about practicing game design skills

Where's this background from?


Students in GDD 301 will:

  • learn to prototype effectively in a variety of different genres
  • practice refining their personal design process
  • learn how to respond to design challenges and work effectively within constraints
  • effecively evaluate and learn new tools and technologies


Successful game designers possess a number of skills: they are curious, they are motivated self-learners, they think deeply about player experience, they prioritze effectively, and are experts at finding fun in unexpected places. These are learned skills that can be practiced. The goal of this class is to do so within the context of a number of design challenges, forcing students out of their comfort zones and to think differently about games.


This class will be centered around design, not technology. The course will be focused around the completion of four different design challenges, aimed at strengthening a different set of skills. The final project will involve selecting one of the four assignments and taking it further.