VR / AR for Games

A class about game development using XR technologies.


Find the class syllabus here.


Professor: Jonah Warren (jonah.warren AT quinnipiac DOT edu)


Students in GDD314 will:

  • Learn about the history of augmented and virtual reality;
  • investigate the unique affordances and constraints of each technology;
  • examine the current landscape of augmented reality and virtual reality applications;
  • learn how to develop virtual reality applications in Unity;
  • learn how to develop augmented reality applications in Unity;
  • futher explore XR through a self-directed final project.


Video games and new technologies are often thought to go hand in hand. Unfortunately, more often than not, new technologies in games are shoehorned into existing genres or paradigms rather than being explored on their own terms. This course encourages students to do the opposite — to explore XR technologies with an open mind, letting the exploration of the possibility space lead the design process.


This class will be divided into three sections. The first third of the semester will explore creating experiences for VR headsets in Unity. Students will work individually to produce two small VR prototypes. The second third of the semester will explore making AR apps for smartphones. Similarly, students will create two AR prototypes as deliverables. The last third of the semester students will form small teams and work on an XR project of their choice, applying the skills they've learned.