Julianna Shevchenko

Software Engineer, Programmer, and Game Developer

Hello there! I am Julie, an enthusiastic software engineering and game design/development dual major with four years of experience managing software and game development teams in addition to programming in Java and C# in Unity.

In the tech business, no one man is an island. I've had the pleasure of working on a number of group projects, giving me experience as a project lead as well as a run-of-the-mill team member. While programming is my strongest suit, I adjust to meet the needs of the team or project. I have also worked as an artist, level designer, and writer!

One of the benefits of my major is that, whenever my family nags me about playing videogames too much, I get to justify it as research in good conscience! I have written multiple critical analyses of games I love as well as game I think are just okay. Evaluating what differentiates a well-received game from a poorly received one and brainstorming how to apply these to the games I develop has made me a better game designer.