GDD Student Passport

Hello, my name is Adam Conway - Here is an overview of my efforts and enthusiasms in the QU Game Design & Development program.

About Me student
Get to know me!

GDD Program Focus: I am most interested in the Design side of game design. I have developed a special interest in the table top side of game design

Cross-Disciplinarity: I also UI Design for computer games - though I'm not great at it.

Games: I am proud of the games I have done so far and look forward to building more. Right now I am working on designing board games, however I do not have any to show yet.


Writing: This section contains my best video game analysis done in GDD201.


Clubs: I have been the president of Anime Club since 2018 and I am currently the secretary of Game Club.

Design Documentation: It's taken me a while to get the hang of organizing a team of people around a project, but I've really come to enjoy it. I've been the team lead on three games. Trello 1, 2, and 3