Callum Scott

A Creativley Eccentric Narrative and Game Designer

About Me

Welcome! I am Callum Scott, a game designer from New Jersey with a minor in business. My favorite aspect of design is Narrative/storytelling, but I have also spent time designing UI/UX. I spend a lot of time on my computer, watching streamers and youtubers, playing a variety of games, or drafting ideas for and creating new games.I began college at the Quinnipiac University Lender School of Business, where I felt beyond bored and unchallenged and eventually switched to game design in the second half of my sophomore year. Game design was allowing me to challenge myself to learn something completely new. I had always loved fantasy and the creativity of games, and the never ending possibilities of design captivated my young mind and has held it hostage since. Luckily, I was able to explore various aspects of all facets of game design as I was learning about all the paths and roles. World creation is what I loved, specifically storytelling and being able to drive passion into people and utilizing a player’s mind to sculpt a world. It is my dream to work on a narrative for a title that creates a deep sense of connection and emotional intimacy between the players and the game while I learn from industry professionals how to better all of my skills and become able to contribute more and more to everything I work on. My career goal is to be a part of a skilled and passionate team to create a moment for a generation of gamers as impactful as Shepherd's Betrayal in Call of Duty: MW2.

  • Unity
  • Excel
  • GitHub
  • CyberDuck
  • Critical thinking
  • Tinkercad
  • Maya
  • Discord
  • Visual Studio
  • Visual Studio Code
  • Photoshop
  • Microsoft Forms (google forms)
  • Creative problem solving
  • Leadership
  • English: Fluent
  • C#: Intermediate
  • HTML: Intermediate
  • CSS: Intermediate
  • JavaScript: Basic
    Favorite Games:
  • Minecraft
  • Planet Zoo
  • EA sports' NHL series
  • FarCry: Primal
  • GTA V
  • Sid Meier's Civ VI
  • OutterWorlds
  • EA sports' Madden series
  • Qualified for the COD mobile national tournament in 2020
  • Built a personal gaming PC
  • Magic: The Gathering
  • Hockey
  • Video Games/Games
  • Skiing
  • Nature
  • Teaching

Game Gallery

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The Graey

"The Graey" is a game I created in my senior year at Quinnipiac University. I worked on a 4-5 person team over 2, 9 week periods where I was the lead UI designer and Head of Narrative. I assited with programming doing the UI code along with support on minor tasks, collaborated with the team to create story driven elements, and had a decent part in early planning and design. I am very proud of this work and the game we publisjed, especially considering I published this simultaneously to 'The Boogeyman'.

  • Lead UI/UX design
  • Narrative Lead
  • File Management
  • Game Design
  • Program support

The Boogeyman

"The Boogeyman" was a senior year project that we started halfway through the year while I was working on The Grey. We spent about 10 weeks developing the game where I took on the programmer role for the team. It was my first time using the Yarnspinner software which I had to mostly teach myself and the project deadline was relying on it. We were tryig to create an explorable narative driven game based on a screen play the team lead wrote. We had to eventually abandon the idea of exploration as we were approaching the deadline. My main contribution to the project ended up getting scrapped, and we switched to a text based game while I assumed a more writing based role.

  • Lead Programmer
  • File Management
  • Story consultant

Space Chase

"Space Chase" was a game I built as a Final project. It was my first semester as a game design student and I had missed the chance to take the foundational programming class at my university. I spent the semester trying to catch up to the rest of the class. I was able to do so and am very pleased with how this game turned out. The player controls a ship of their choosing to navigate through space and avoid oncomming planets. The goal is to survive until the end by avoiding planets and out running the evil red force behind them.

  • Programing
  • Design
  • UI/UX


I made "Red Light/Green Light" early in my first semester as a game design student. With very little knowledge of the Unity program and C#, I was tasked with creating a game that utilized animations. In the game Red Light/Green Light, animations are utilized inorder to flip the person who is "it". I used a bool check to see which way the sprite was facing. If the player is moving when it flips, they are reset to the starting position.y

  • Programing
  • Game Design

King of the Partay

"King of the Partay" is a game made for a final project in my second semester of the game design program. I was experimenting using Unity's 2D lighting feature to help and create the party environment. The player is throwing an epic party, but there is trouble about. One of the gusets is causing people to leave and can ruin your party if too many people leave. Your responsibility is to seek out, find, and remove the trouble maker. Keep in mind that the party environment is not for everyone and some might decide to leave on their own accord. This game currently uses experimental components with 2D lightinbg which is not currently compatible with a WebGL build.

  • Programing
  • Design
  • UI/UX

The Adventures of Hogan

The Adventures of Hogan was a puzzlescript project I started in my second year of game design when we were learning to use puzzlescript. It was originally titled 'Feed the flames' and I designed it to challenge one of the most common mechanics in games movement. As the player plays through the story of Hogan's decline into insanity, they must think hard about each movement. I felt this story and mechanic pair well together to create an experience where players can almost feel what it is like to go crazy. I never got to polish the game to the very end.

  • Programing
  • Design
  • Art
  • Story

Engineered Concept

This is a proof of concept build for a game idea I came up with in my second year. The design document to thjis game can be foundd above. In this game the player travels through a curiously beautiful world where just about anybodyt has a problem needing to be fixed. You travel around meeting NPC's to learn their problems, then set out to solve them by collecting materials and building things. As you complete jobs you gain reputation, which in this society is directly equated to social status, and are able to enter into more reputable cities and towns. The jobs reputation pay out scales with reputation required to enter the region. I hope to continue this game further in the future. (The art is not mine)

  • Programing
  • Design
  • Story


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Designs Docs

Guild Relays

2022 Color Wars

King of the Partay!

The Falls: Chaos and control



Story Narratives

Session 4 Skit

Session 6 Skit

The Gray Narrative

Game Analysis


Lego Harry Potter

Minecraft 1

Minecraft 2

MTG Gravity Falls Expansion Pack

I designed this set around the TV show Gravity Falls with the core theme of chaos and control. I was really into the idea of chaos in games, and seeing that control is an element of MTG I thought it would be fitting to do a theme centered around control and chaos. After zeroing in on a theme I had to now think of a story to fit. I immediately thought of one of my favorite shows, Gravity Falls. Gravity falls not only is a good fit for the theme of control and chaos, but also gives a wide variety of choices and options to create cards from. With a large variety of options to choose from, I got to work building the 30 card set. This is the result:

Mythic Rare

Card Description

Creating a mythic rare for this set was truly a difficult task. The first difficulty was to be able to create a card which encompassed both elements of control and elements of chaos. Originally the card was going to be weirdmageddon and would allow players to summon creatures from graveyards and alter existing creatures on the board. After scrapping the idea, I moved towards Bill Cipher being used as the mythic allowing him possession of creatures or manipulation of statistics and abilities. Still that did not fit the theme of chaos too well. That's when I came up with the idea of weird tokens, and what better way to embody the essence of weirdness than with the interdimensional portal. After a few design attempts I ended with the following card.




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