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Game programmer and visual designer from CT

I always viewed game design and development as - among many other things - a good combination of two mediums that I take particular interest in, those being art and programming. In a more broad sense, I view game design as an art form, while more specifically I enjoy the fact that I get to put both my programming skills and art skills to good use. Games are a fusion of multiple mediums, something which I feel adds depth to the field of game development. As for inspirations, there was never any one game or gaming moment in particular that inspired me to pursue this role, rather it was the overall hope that I could one day produce content on par with or above the titles that I would play through the years.

I still remember my early college experiences doing game jams every other week with my friends, which let us experience some really memorable teamwork moments while trying to endure the grueling crunch of those 24 to 48 hour events. At times we would shift between roles to accomplish our goal within that time frame. For one game jam, our team had to figure out how to make water physics appealing and fun, while during another, we had to figure out how to implement hand drawn graphics into the game engine we were using, both very trying experiences, but rewarding nonetheless. Since then, I have used those early college experiences to inform the way I look at game design today, not just as a way to create, but as an opportunity to get involved in exemplary teamwork as well as creating new opportunities and possibilities.


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