Hey! I'm Danny Christie

Thanks for visiting my site, please bear with me as I develop it. As you can see, I am quite the fan of Red and Black. I am currently a Senior at Quinnipiac University working towards my goal of working for a AAA company.

Personal Life

I was born and raised in Ridgewood, NJ. I have 2 younger sisters and a younger brother. My family is Irish, Scottish, German, Italian, Greek, and Cypriot. I have been playing video games since I was about 8 when I got the Nintendo DS Lite. From then on I developed a love for games and computers, progressively adding to my console and PC collection. I picked up League of Legends in 2013 and have been playing it since. The game has a special place in my heart and my dream is to one day work for Riot Games.


I began my Game Design path back in middle school. At that point I had started playing video games religiously and took a strong liking to them. Classes like Digital Imaging and BFBN(Our school news) sparked my interest in creating content using computers. When I got to High School I started to take coding, graphic design, and interactive design classes. This really made me set my mind on Game Design before I even knew where I wanted to go to college. When the time to look for colleges came around I already had Quinnipiac on my mind. I had met a QU student at a Play NYC convention during High School and he talked very highly about the program. From then on I had wanted to go to QU and thankfully acheived that goal in 2018 when I enrolled as a Freshman Computer Science major with a minor in Game Design. In my Junior year I realized that I wanted to focus on Game Design for the rest of my time at Quinnipiac, so I switched my major to Game Design and finished a minor in Computer Science. Now I am entering my final semester and can't wait to see where my Game Design path takes me.