Step by Step Guide to Collaborating with Git Desktop

Git Hub is a tool that facilitates responsible collaborative project management. It allows a team to create a repository for the game files and save, update, and access them responsibly. Git files can be accessed through the terminal, but Git Desktop is a GUI interface that is a little easier to use.

  1. Create an account on
  2. Download and install Git Hub Desktop
  3. Download and install Git LFS .Once Git LFS is installed open Git Bash and type "Git lfs install" and press Enter. This will enable Gits Large File Storage for your repositories.
  4. Read this to understand the shared repository model
  5. Create a new repository from an existing Unity folder on your desktop
  6. Make sure you select "Unity" from the Git Ignore dropdown list.
  7. Publish the repository to GitHub
  8. Go to and open the repository, click on the "Settings" button on the left of the menu bar, then click on "Collaborators" on the left and a pane will open where you can invite the rest of your team as collaborators.

Now your team can get to work. All members of the team should clone or download the initial repository to their desktop. This is the Master file. When one member of the team works on the local version of the game, GIt Desktop keeps a record of which files have changed. When that person has finished working and wants to show the work to the rest of the team, do the following:

resource for GDD labs compiled by e bertozzi, 11/19