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GDD 394 History of Videogames: Tues/Thurs. 9:30 am-10:45 am • Tator 129 Game Lab • 203-582-7998
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Do you love video games? Do you think you know a lot about them? Come along as we learn the history of video games from the very first Pong and Asteroid games to current uses of the Oculus Rift. Learn how games have been and are being used by the military to train and educate, how medical simulations are transforming medical education and how the technology in the game industry often pushes innovation in other fields.

Video games are an interactive medium grounded in step-by-step innovation in console and computer systems combined with parallel development in software capabilities. This course will examine the cultural, social and educational aspects of games and consider how they changed over time in response to market pressures, societal concerns about content, and technological development. Students will play and analyze historical games, learn how to write game reviews, and research new phenomenon in game development such as Twitch.