Hanna's Games

September - Created by Hanna Morreale, Samuel Viola, Idan Saban, and Patrick Kline

  • September is a boss rush game themed around the three elements of earth, wind, and fire. The game was inspired by the band Earth, Wind, Fire as we incorporated those three elemnts as each of the bosses into our game. Each boss takes 10 hits before you defeat them. Dodjing the enemy projectiles and environmental obstacles are key to defeating the boss. September was a collaborative project for Marist College's Summer Games Institute. For this project, I was the Art Director, Samuel was the Chief Engineer, Idan was the Lead Designer, and Patrick was the Writer/Producer.

AstroPlanet - Created by Hanna Morreale

  • AstroPlanet is a 2D game I made in my Game Design 200 class. The game is inspired by space and different planets. The goal of the game is to deliver the fuel tanks to the planets by collecting 10 fuel objects and avoiding the asteroids. If a player hits the asteroids it causes the game to freeze and you will have to start again. The fuel helps the player beat the level and by helping bring the fuel supplies to each of the planets.

The Raid - Created by Hanna Morreale

  • The Raid is a board game I created for the Champlain College admissions process. The game was designed around a theme of survival. With the theme I made my game a survival, zombie, post-apocalyptic game. The goal of The Raid is to get to the finish by surviving. The spaces on the board represent W - weapons, M - medical, Z - zombie attack, and F - food. A player rolls a die to take their turn and whatever the player lands on is what they will be doing. Blank spaces are nothing. At weapon spaces, players can upgrade weapons, at med spaces players can get more meds, food spaces to forage for more food and zombie spaces to fight a zombie. The player will want to use their meds, and upgrade their weapons accordingly to defeat the zombies to win the game.