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Hi, my name is Joshua Rigsby. I’m a sophomore Game Design and Development major at Quinnipiac University. I love games of all kinds, from horror to family games. I am excited to start making games of my own and gaining a foothold in the industry. I have a great understanding of game design principlesand am ambitious to put them to use. My forte is game analysis and games journalism. I love breaking down the different components of games and figuring out what makes them tick. Anything video games, that's my jam. In High School, I worked for my school's online news publication, the Kestrel. I focused primarily on game's journalism and rose to be a senior editor by my senior year. I’m also familiar with the Unity, with a little experience with Unreal as well. I’m also familiar with C#, Scala, Java, and HTML. I also have experience working with teams on development projects, as well as working solo on a variety of projects, oftentimes working on numerous projects at the same time.

Contact me here ∞ jtrigsby@quinnipiac.edu