Lydia Hallett's Portfolio

Greetings!! my name is Lydia Hallett and welcome to my GDD Porfolio!! I'm a 2D artist who wants to help people and also make games. I also have worked a little bit in Maya for 3D art as well.

About Me student
I dressed as a female version of Negan for Halloween

GDD Program and Psychology Focus:

My program focus for game design is narrative writing and art because I love drawing(especially characters) and making stories. For Psych I plan to focus on abnormal psych because I love learning about mental illnesses and how to treat them

My Goal: My goal is to be able to make games that players can relate to. Not only that but also

Bit of Art For Spice:

Asteria jumping through a portal


Psych and Game Design:

I believe Psych and Game Design can go hand in hand, especially when it comes to therapy because people can use games as a source of escape but also a source to relax as well. Not only that but Games can talk about abnormal psych like a character going through a certain mental illness and conquering it making the player feel confident in defeating/controlling their mental illness.

Interships I'd like to potentially apply to: Illustration Intern - League of Legends, Concept Art Intern - Riot Games