GDD210 Project Page


Lab 1
Lab 1 Zip File Lab 1 WebGL Build Lab 1 Trello
Lab 2
Lab 2 Zip File Lab 2 WebGL Build Lab 2 Trello
Lab 4
Lab 4 WebGL Build

Be the first one to finish three laps!

Player 1 Controls: A and D to strafe, W to jump

Player 2 Controls: Left and Right to strafe, Up to jump

Your jump is on a cooldown, so beware.

It can be used in midair, though.

Once someone has finished three laps, press Space to play again.

Individual Game

Individual Game WebGL Build

Script files
There's one scene, and it has the camera, UI, and objects for map generation and unit control contained within. Everything else happens in these. I have now saved you 40 MB of bandwidth.


One Button Game
Trello Root

Project 1: STRATEGY

Project 2: Audioception
Project 2 Pitch Audioception Trello
Project 2: SuperMegaAlphaPrototypeThing
Demo Web Build
Audioception Web Build (buggy)
Audioception Windows Build
Audioception Trailer