Nicholas Molina


Assignment 1

Article Response

Lab 1: Flappy Ship

Flappy Bird IN SPACE AND WITHOUT BIRDS OR THE ABILITY TO DIE but still kinda spiritually flappy bird

Credit goes to Ebal Studios for the Modular Spaceship 1: Starsparrow from the Unity Asset Store, and Alex Peterson for the Spacescape program to generate the background.

Lab 2: You Have To Not Burn The Player

Incredibly simple platformer with animations for idling, walking, jumping, falling, and dying.

Lab 3: In Which A User Interface Controls Physics

Small physics toy where you can mess with gravity and the rotation of a platform and watch the shenanigans. It also has a perspective camera, which isn't important but my eight year old self thought 2.5D was the coolest thing ever so here we are.

Lab 4: Ball Maze

Ball Maze

Arrow keys to move, R to restart the level.

Individual Assignment: High Score Game

Ship Shape Shootout


Project 1

Fire Emblem: Blazing Sword

It's Fire Emblem. It's so elegant you could model it with some gridded paper and a pair of d10s.

Skies of Arcadia

More specifically, the ship battle segments, which are a small game in and of themselves. They do interact with the larger game in terms of stats and such, but the basic mechanics are self contained. It's airships shooting things. What's not to love?

Fortune Street

You probably didn't think I'd find a way to squeeze a board game in on here. You're wrong. It's essentially digital Monopoly except the mechanics and boards are more varied while the economic system is far more granular and computer managed.

Project Trello