Nate Pippin's Passport

Hello, my name is Nate Pippin! Here is a bunch of stuff about my experiences in the Quinnipiac Game Design and Development program. And also Narbo.

About Me student
Get to know me!

GDD Program Focus: I have always kind of done everything within Game Design except coding. Over the years I think my favorite aspect is the art aspect of Game Design. Just you wait, you will see my talents on the other tabs. And by talENTS I mean talENT. And by talENT I mean Narbo.

Art: I love art. People tell me I have such a simple yet charming art style that cannot be replicated. Which is weird to me because I feel like I don't put as much effort into my art as others. But thats okay! I like it and so do others!

EMPTY: This used to be a mentoring tab, HOWEVER, I have not mentored. So this tab will change. Or will it..?

Games: I am proud of the games I have done so far. Yes, I kept the default text as it was, because this is TRUE! I always make my friends play my games and they have always enjoyed them. I dont thinkkk they were just being I refuse to acknowledge that possibility.


Art AGAIN(this will change):I love to draw. Here are some examples of my most expressive doodles. They are all various poses of Narbo. I have more I promise, I just only felt like showing Narbo. Please understand.


Writing: This section contains my best writing. But also it doesnt because the PDF does not appear to be working. Just trust me on this one, I can write well. Most of the time.


How To Videos Here are videos to customize this passport for yourself. Video One, Two, Three The zipped file is at this link

I DONT NEED HELP. But thanks anyway!

Design Documentation: I have always worked alone on games so being in the Game Lab class this year is strange to me, but I'm getting used to it. YAY. Trello 1, 2, and 3