my photo Hello, my name is Rick Velez, and I am a Game Designer and Developer who wants to have a career in the Video Game Industry! I've chosen to make a career in this industry because of my love and passion for video games as a whole. I have expierenced so much joy from playing them over the years that it inspired me to make games for a living. As of right now, I'm persuing a Bachelor's Degree in Game Design and Development at Quinnipiac University. Over the past three years, I have gained a lot of expierence with various kinds of scripted languages, as well as expierence making various games with the Unity Engine! I also possess excellent communication skills, can work well both alone and in a group, and can manage my time efficiently to ensure that my games are of the highest possible quality. Finally, my goal as a Game Designer is to create games that players can enjoy by providing them with a deep and meaningful narrative, cleaver level design, and a series of challenges that will put their skills to the test. I want to do this not only because I want to contribute to the industry that has given me so much joy in a meaningful way, but also so that anyone who plays my games will delvelop the same love and passion for the medium that I have today.