Rick Velez

Hello, this is my Passport for the GDD Program. If you would like to see my Portfolio, click here!

About Me student
Get to know me!

Focus: I am most interested in the design aspect of game development. I have have designed several games over the years, including a few that I made outside of the program.

Cross-Disciplinarity: I'm also intersted in several other disciplines of game development; these disciplines include programming, art, sound design, music composition, and writing.

Mentoring: While I am a part of the mentoring program, I do not have a mentor/mentee just yet. I do, however, look forward to meeting them!

Games: I am proud of the games I have done so far and look forward to building more. These include platformers, puzzle games, and so much more!


Art: Recently, I have been doing some artwork in Photoshop, as well as Pixel Art in Aesprite. While I'm still learning, I have been enjoying what I've made so far.


Writing: This section contains some of the writing I have done for my games. It also includes some analyses I've done for other games.


QU Clubs: I have been a member of the Game Developers Club since January of this year. I also serve as the Treasurer for the Game Club, which I have been a part of since 2017.

Design Documentation: While working on my games, I made sure to track the progress of their development, and have been the team lead on two games.

Audio: While working on my games, I made several sound effects for them. I have also dabbled into music composition, and made a few songs.