Our brains are one of the most important organs we have. When we take hits to the head, we're putting that in organ in jeopardy, potentially causing irreversible damage. At Heads First, our goal is to educate the public about the importance of concussion prevention because we know that brain and head health should be put above all else.


Heads First was founded in 2009 by former athlete Eric Ashton and neurologist Clifford Morey. Throughout its ten years of operation, Heads First has held countless events to raise money for concussion research. It has also donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to families who have been severly affected by concussions.

When not raising money, Heads First aims to educate athletes, parents, coaches, and anyone who has experienced concussions in any way. Its goal is to teach people that brain and head health is more important than any sport. Without a healthy brain, we cannot lead a healthy life.



Eric played in the NHL for eight years. After taking hundreds of hits and punches, he was forced to retire early because he was starting to see long term brain effects. He wanted to help those who were experiencing the same thing that he has been, and hopes to help raise awareness for concussions so no one else goes through what he did.



Clifford, "Cliff", has worked as a neurologist for 13 years specializing in concussions. He partnered with Eric to help stress the importance of brain health. Much of the information found on the Heads First site is pulled straight from Clifford's research. His goal is to help families better understand how the brain is affected by hits to the head.