Sarah Holmes
Game Designer, Artist, and more...

A Bit About Me...

I am Sarah Holmes and currently, I am pursuing my BA in Game Design and Development from Quinnipiac University. I have loved games and drawing since I was a child and decided to make it into a career. At first I chose to take civil engineering for about a year but have decided my passion and what I want to do lies with game design.

All coding used to make the page is by Matt Camerato and here is a link to his page:


  • Unity: 1 year
  • Photoshop: 1 year
  • Aesprite: 1 year
  • Maya: 3 months
  • Git + GitHub: 3 months
  • Visual Studios: 1 year
Videogame Interests

Here are a few games I'm currently playing or watched a playthrough...

League of Legends
Pico Park
Final Fantasy VII Remake
Detroit: Become Human
The Last of Us
Before Your Eyes