Hungarian American Business Leaders Program (HABL)

Key dates:

  1. Applications are due at the MCC by the end of November.

  2. Interviews are conducted in person in the first two weeks of December.

  3. Candidates are notified of their status (i.e., are offered the scholarship or not) by the end of January.

  4. Candidates must accept or decline the scholarship offer by the end of February.

Frequently Asked Questions: FAQs

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The objective of the Hungarian-American Business Leaders (HABL) program is to instill in a future Hungarian business leaders a strong appreciation of the positive virtues of American business practice.  These virtues include commitment to a customer-oriented mentality, hard work, and high ethical standards. 

To achieve this objective Quinnipiac University (USA) and the Mathias Corvinus Collegium (Hungary) have partnered together to develop a study abroad program for Hungary’s best and brightest students.  The program is built on three main pillars.

1.      The first pillar is the completion of an American MBA program at Quinnipiac University.  The MBA program complements the theoretical training from Hungarian academic institutions by focusing on real-world applications, team work, leadership, and the other skills that are valued in the global workplace. 

2.      The second pillar is extensive work experience at American companies.  Students in this program will work part time at companies during their MBA study and work full-time at a company for one year in the USA.  This second pillar is critical to providing practical business training for the students at some of the best companies in the world. 

3.      The third pillar is the executive mentoring program.  Hungary’s leading executives form our board of mentors.  The mentors guide the students and the program to ensure that student participants critically evaluate what they are learning during their time in the US in order to best apply it in a Hungarian market context.  The mentors also provide leadership advice to the students and keep the students connected to a high quality Hungarian business network. Each student is assigned a mentor who meets the student prior to departure to the US, maintains regular contact with the student through out the program, and works with the student during their post-program transition into the Hungarian market.

The program is built around a three year study-work structure at Quinnipiac University.  Prior to the program’s start, student applicants are carefully vetted with a focus on students with quality academic records who display the appropriate level of maturity and exemplify the business skills that match the program’s objectives.  Students and companies as well as students and mentors are matched according to their shared interests. During the first two years students take MBA courses and work part-time (i.e., twenty hours per week).   During year three, the students work full time (i.e., forty hours per week).  Throughout this entire period, students are expected to maintain regular contact with their mentor to reflect on what they are learning in the United States.  Following their final year in the U.S., students must return to Hungary where they work with their mentor and Mathias Corvinus Collegium to find the best place for them to work given their interests, skills obtained and potential to become a future leader in Hungarian business life.

Downloadable Documentation:

Overview of Program


Student Selection Form


Possible Course Schedules (Excel)

This is an excel file with 3 sheets with possible arrangements of courses a students could take in this program.  Sheet 1 provides a schedule to complete the MBA in 2 years.  Sheet 2 provides a schedule to complete the MBA in 1.5 years.  Sheet 3 provides some elective courses for consideration. 

*** For more details about the QU MBA program, please see our website.

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What happens when you move back?

Each student is assigned a mentor whose job it is to help guide you through your MBA in the US, advice on internships, and aid in your return to Hungary. While we cannot guarantee anyone specific jobs or internships, the intention is for the mentor to be the scholar's link to the Hungarian market in order to maximize each scholar's ability to return to a quality position in Hungary upon completion of the HABL scholarship in the US. So, "what happens when you move back"?  We hope and work hard to see that you move back to a position in a Hungarian company where the skills and insights you gained in the US are appreciated. Of course, there's always uncertainty and you should weigh your decision to participate in HABL seriously, but the idea is for you to return home to Hungary and develop a successful business career.




For further information, please email Chris Ball at Christopher.Ball@Quinnipiac.edu