GDD 211 - Game Lab II

Your Design Documentation for each assignment should include:

  • Design Doc – Part 1- define the goal and the target audience
  • Creative phase ---- Brainstorm ideas : define the mechanics, art, challenges (for the designer and for the player).
  • Critical Phase (editing down ideas to what you can actually build). What will the player have to learn to excel at the game? How will the feedback you give motivate the player/
  • Design Doc – Part 2 – Flowchart that visualizes what the game state is listening for at each decision point in the game, text that explains the mechanic and why it will be fun for the player, examples of art style (mood board), paper prototype
  • Building Phase: Execute your design to the best of your ability, update design docs as design changes, all code on GitHub
  • Assessment Phase: document how long it takes to execute tasks so that you can accurately scope how much you can accomplish in the time available. Refine this over the course of the semester.
  • Assess how well the game works, usability for the player, whether or not it’s fun and how to make it more so. Do NOT praise yourself in this section
  • Design Doc – Part 3 - Post mortem Analyze what went well, what went wrong and how to revise process for the future. Usability and playtesting results.