GDD 311 Game Lab IV - Team Projects

Class meets Monday - Wednesday, 9:00-10:15 am, Tator Hall, Room 129

Professor Elena Bertozzi assisted by Prof. Tyler Gorman

This class focuses on producing a finished polished game for an external client or taking a game that has already been started in previous classes and publishing it for an intended market (e.g., Steam). The class will cover issues relating to project management, professionalism, how to work with clients, how to manage game data, marketing, publishing to app stores and legal concerns. Syllabus

Course Objectives

Students will learn and practice:
  • Professional project management: NDAs, contracts regarding IP and copyright, project management processes (Agile, Scrum) and software (Trello/ HackNPlan), budgeting of time and money
  • Game Process documentation: Design documents, playable prototypes, contracts regarding content, interaction with clients, Quality Assurance
  • Code and Software management: Git, version control, Production of game for different platforms, management of data produced during gameplay
  • Time management: Accurate project effort estimation and ability to make deadlines
  • Publishing: i.e. app stores and Steam